When “liberals” targeted my family for cracking jokes on Congress leaders


Recently an interview of filmmaker Shirish Kunder, known for making comedy movies like Tees Maar Khan and Joker, was being shared by a few “liberals” on Twitter. Kunder, who was often target of their ridicule earlier, has suddenly become a role model for them because of his frequent anti-Modi and anti-BJP jokes and tweets.

One paragraph from his interview caught my attention. The same paragraph was shared by the so-called liberals too with much enthusiasm. In his interview, Kunder claims that no one was attacked online for cracking jokes against Congress leaders. Continue reading

Moral compass and secular reporting

Moral compass

One of the senior anchors of the news channel Headlines Today, Gaurav Sawant was “forced” to delete some of his tweets where he questioned the hypocrisy of the mainstream media when it came to reporting “communal” behaviors of different religious groups.

Following is the set of tweets that were apparently deleted:

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