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About me

My name is Rahul Roushan, and this is my blog. Needless to say, the views expressed here are my own in private capacity.

I call myself “a well known expert on nothing” on this blog, which might sound self-deprecatory, but I’m not that modest really.

So let me blow my own trumpet now.

Professional snapshot:

I’m a Maths graduate (as I write this now, I’ve forgotten most of calculus) who later studied broadcast journalism for a post-graduate diploma. I worked for around 3 years as a TV journalist before I decided to study further. MBA was what I did next.

Graduation from Patna University, Journalism from IIMC, New Delhi, and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Post MBA, I tried my hands at independent management consulting and web entrepreneurship. I conceptualized and launched two websites – i.e. Cricket Stock Exchange (with partners) and later Faking News (sole founder). was sold off to a US based company in its early stage, while Faking News was acquired by Network18 after 5 years of operations. I joined Network18 and was with the media conglomerate for 3 years, heading Faking News and working on other projects.

Left Network18 in October 2016 to join Kovai Media, a new media startup running Swarajya magazine where I led shaping up of as a second offering from the company.

In June 2018, was demerged from Swarajya and a new company – Aadhyaasi Media & Content Services – was formed to run the website independently. Currently I’m the CEO of that company.

Personal snapshot:

Happily married and learning to be a good husband (Update November 2017: and a loving father to a 2 months old daughter). Hugely lucky to have a family that is ever supportive and loving (off to touch wood, though I don’t really believe in such shit).

I consider myself Hindu, culturally and religiously, though I may as well be called an atheist (the way Richard Dawkins would define it). However, atheism and Hinduism can coexist.

Ideologically, I’d describe myself as Libertarian, though to be honest, I’d be on a bit “conservative” side on some social issues.

However, my idea of what constitutes a conservative stance on cultural or religious issues would be different from what normally might be presumed by others. This, because I strongly believe that Hinduism can’t be conservative the way other religions, especially Abrahamic ones, can be. It has always adapted to changing times, and that’s what has kept it alive.

Why this blog?

Well, a few people thought I write well and had decent takes on various issues. That went to my head, and I thought I must share my pearls of wisdom with lesser mortals.

On a serious note, it’s just an extension of my Facebook/Twitter existence, with more control and flexibility over the way I can say things.