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A note on some private information ‘leaked’ about me

So yesterday (Tuesday, November 21, 2017) was a funny day on Twitter.

A creep and stalker – the kinds that morph into murderers and rapists when people in power are supportive – put some private information about me on Twitter.

Before the creep put the private information about my family life – about which I’d talk about later – I was supposedly “exposed” that I run a parody news website, real news website, and also run at least two parody Twitter handles that go by the names Adarsh Liberal and Eminent Intellectual.

I only wish I was such a genius or multitasker do all these things all by myself, however, at the same time I find no reason to disassociate myself from any of these brilliant initiatives that have given mega burns to the so-called liberal crowd, who in reality are sick bunch of fascist monsters. And I am surely involved in some way or the other in many of these initiatives – something which I am proud of.

However, I thank the creep for doing it. For two reasons – he exposed himself, and he has given me an opportunity to write about it.

The real expose that this creep did was to expose himself – how he is a sick criminal mind that would go to the length of targeting someone’s family members because of ideological and political differences. In essence he was saying that safety of me and my family could easily be compromised by him if I don’t surrender to his ideological diktats.

It was a threat. A threat to my family who have got nothing to do with what I do in virtual or public life. I hope he pays for his sins. I pray he pays for his sins.

The best in his defense the creep can say, is that his father’s name was dragged in by one of the parody Twitter accounts he suspects me of running, so he has the ‘right’ to drag my family members too into it. Two wrongs making it a right. Revenge. Fair enough. Since his comrades are killing RSS members in Kerala, I would guess he will find it rightful and just if he is killed someday by some right-leaning person?

However, forget the vindictive mindset, there was another mindset he exposed – about himself and his clan. Notice that the parody handle, which he suspects me of running, took his father’s name rather uncharitably based on an earlier suggestive Facebook post by Modi hater suspended cop Sanjiv Bhatt.

But the creep has no such hatred reserved for Bhatt, which he has for me and my family members, including my 2 months old baby. He would rather hate me and my family than Bhatt, who spread those comments about his father in first place.

What does he expose? That this left-liberal clan is hugely incestuous, who will forgive all kinds of crimes by their own. Sanjiv Bhatt is free to defame his dead father and talk ill about his relationship with a female journalist, but he will rather target me, whom he suspects of repeating the same through a parody handle.

This unity is admirable quality among this clan. I also recall how the slain communist Gauri Lankesh had appealed on Twitter not to expose ‘fake news’ by fellow comrades. This is the same advice in action that the creep employed. Forgive your own, but target ‘them’. And then these guys pontificate on ‘us vs them’ mentality that supposedly the right-wing harbors.

I hope the right-wing is noticing and taking notes. There are surely many things to learn from these guys. Not for nothing they have become a powerful mafia over decades, and their power doesn’t diminish if their benefactor is out of power for 5 years.

When their benefactor is back, such creeps will morph into murderers and rapists, and I worry for my family. Earlier this clan targeted my wife, and now they set eyes on my daughter. I beg you. Please wake up and fight these monsters.

If you care for me, and care for my family, and care for my 2 months old daughter, please please please realize this clear and present danger lurking around. Today it’s me, tomorrow it will be you.

However, I thank the creep for one thing, that he put out a private information that I was blessed with fatherhood recently. Yes, as obviously you’d have guessed, I have a 2 months old daughter. A princess. She sleeps peacefully next to me as I type this.

I type this post for her now.

Thank you creep because earlier I was not sure of sharing this good news with others, though obviously I wanted to (who will not want to share a good news?). I didn’t share it precisely because of creeps like you – who are dead inside due to hatred. But now that you’ve put it out there, I will use this opportunity to share the happiness with those who have some humanity alive inside them.

So friends, in the last few weeks I’ve realized that all those sentimental talks about fatherhood, especially about being a father to a baby girl, is entirely true. I could die for her, and I could kill for her (hope you are reading it creep).

She came a bit pre-term, and there was initial scare. Although the doctor said there was nothing to worry, I shed a tear, after years. She made me rediscover my heart that her mother had earlier helped me discover (in the meantime the heart got all hardened dealing with such creeps).

She is doing fine now. I just had a glance at her and she is sleeping with a face that has the purest form of innocence. Her sleeping face is sweet enough to wash away gallons of bile generated by thousands of such creeps. Just a glance at her and I already feel like deleting everything I wrote earlier – because everything else becomes immaterial before her – but I’d finish and share it.

Fatherhood is indeed an experience that changes you as a man. And obviously it gives you an opportunity to reflect about your own parents. Suddenly you feel you have not done enough for them, for they too must have gone through the same sea of emotions that you are going through now.

I was away from my daughter for just a few days in last two months, and it was tough. I have been away from my parents for almost 15 years now. They don’t complain. Perhaps I too will not complain when she grows up and makes her own life choices, but I know it will be tough.

As conservative and regressive it may sound (to hell with you if you feel so), the thought that she will get married and ‘leave’ us is already a ‘scary’ thought. And I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve already shed a tear about that too!

I know I might be appearing a bit incoherent, but now that I’ve got an excuse, I want to share all my emotions. I am just typing whatever emotions I can feel right now. There might be someone to whom it might appeal. There might be someone to whom it might even help.

Or chuck it – it helps me.

Talking about my fatherhood makes me feel better about myself. It makes me feel accomplished. Fatherhood is indeed magical.

They say that “every father is a hero to his son”. I’d obviously make that gender neutral and assume that it is true for a daughter too. My daughter is too tiny right now to find heroes and villains, but I already feel like a hero. I feel like a hero when she sleeps after listening to my lullaby. I feel so accomplished and victorious if she finds comfort when I move around holding her in my arms when she is crying. I especially feel special and gifted with supernatural powers like a superman when her mother fails to calm her but I can 😉

And it’s been just two months. I have experienced fear, I have experienced love, I have experienced pain (when she gets her vaccinations), and I have found courage.

I used to have this strange fear about hospitals, surgery, and such. I used to feel squeamish seeing blood or those feeding pipes etc. that some patients are fitted with in hospitals. Everyone in the family used to joke that I’d feel the anxiety more than my wife when the due-date is near. Frankly even I feared that I was going to embarrass myself by feeling squeamish and maybe even fainting!

I am happy to report that I am a brave father now! 😊 Fatherhood had given me that stamina and staying power too. I am a different man.

I know a lot is to come. I have to discover a lot and learn a lot, and my daughter is there to help me.

Hopefully I’d share more, in happier times.

Now let me just post it and go back to watching my princess sleep, and waiting for her to smile in her dreams, so that I can go to sleep peacefully.

Good night.

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